Bob Carey has received additional information from the Pennsylvania Game Commission regarding Hunter Safety Certification cards.

The Game Commission is only aware of two states, Colorado and New York, that will not accept the orange paper cards.

The states records for Hunter Safety Certification goes back to 1987. If you are a card holder from 1987 or later you may call 717-787-7015 and talk with Chris about requesting a new card. The new card will still be in paper form but it will have a certification number that can be used in other states. There is no cost for this paper card. Alternatively you can request the new plastic card for a $16 fee.

If you are planning an out of state hunt and need a replacement card you should plan at least one month in advance to get the cards.

If you are in Colorado and have your orange paper card the license issuer can fax a copy of your card and a faxsimile can be faxed back immediately to the issuing agent.

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