Lower Pottsgrove Sportsman’s Association supports the preservation, propagation and protection of fish and game; encourages fishing, hunting, marksmanship and conservation of field and stream; and the social enjoyment of its members.

Lower Pottsgrove Sportsman’s Association (L.P.S.A.) supports outdoor field activities including archery, fishing, hunting and sport shooting. 

Hunter Safety Education

L.P.S.A. supports the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Hunter Safety Program by holding at least two classes per year; one in spring prior to spring turkey season and one in fall prior to the opening of fall hunting season.

“Wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will .”

Theodore Roosevelt


Range facilities are available to members only. Members must have a valid membership card in order to use the range facilities.

  • Archery Range
    • 50 yard range
    • Incremental shooting positions
    • Elevated standing platform
    • 3D shooting trails
  • Pistol Ranges
    • 25 yard
  • Rifle Range
    • 50 yard centerfire
    • 100 yard centerfire
  • Trap Range
    • Voice-activated singles and doubles
    • Manual trap thrower


  • Prospective members must be sponsored by two members in good standing for over one year.
  • Prospective members must complete a four hour work party.
  • Prospective members must complete a range safety tour.
  • Prospective members’ applications must be reviewed at two membership meetings where the prospective member or the prospective member’s sponsor are present.
  • Prospective members must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Prospective members must pay a $60 application fee.
  • Annual dues are $45 after the first year (increase to $50 in October)